Reliable, modular, compact and rapid to install,
hydrokinetic river turbines from the HydroQuest River range now guarantee base load electricity production at lower cost.


HydroQuest Ocean tidal turbines are fixed in place and operate in both directions with tidal currents. They are modular to adapt to the depths of the sea bed, offering improved resistance and higher yield.

logo-hydroquest-a3HydroQuest, an innovative leader,

produces robust and operational hydrokinetic solutions

for electricity producers all around the world.

  • Rapidly and inexpensively equip water courses where conventional hydroelectric solutions cannot be used and deliver electrical power to off-grid sites.
  • Make use of tidal power.
  • Meet green energy production targets and optimize the energy mix.

Hydrokinetic turbines

a green energy source
with high energy potential

Energy potential of river turbines
Energy potential of tidal turbines

Hydroquest news

Hydroquest, a company firmly positioned on the world market

London: ITES 2017

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Hydroquest took part in the International Tidal Energy Summit 2017, an international meeting for tidal turbine market players.


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Source : Isère - le Département L'HYDROÉLECTRICITÉ A DE L'AVENIRCent ans après Aristide Bergès, le potentiel de cette énergie propre et renouvelable, issue de la force de l’eau de montagne,…

Madagascar: “The solutions of the French expertise to the energy problems in Madagascar”

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Hydroquest participated in the mission organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France - Madagascar, whose objective was to introduce French companies in this strategic market with high potential,…

A word from the CEO

Since starting out in 2010, convinced of the need for a diversified energy mix with a growing portion of renewable energy, we have worked hard on developing innovative hydrokinetic solutions.

Jean-François SIMON

CEO, HydroQuest 


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