What we believe

  • The most widely used renewable energies as solar, wind & biomass cannot guarantee a seamless energy transition: the power grid needs a complementary base energy that is constant, predictable
  • Populations call for a less invasive renewable energy while land-based power farms grow bigger.

Pioneer in hydrokinetic turbines

Started in 2010, HydroQuest is the first hydro turbine builder to connect a river current turbine to the French national grid. In 2016, the company engaged into the marine energy world and successfully deployed its first 1MW marine turbine in 2019 in France.

History in brief

2001 - 2009

Research commenced on dual vertical axis crossflow turbine technology, the core element in the operation of the future hydrokinetic turbines.



Establishment of HydroQuest Located in Grenoble, France, world birthplace of hydroelectricity.

Test of firstprototype river current turbine on the testing platform on an EDF hydroelectricity supply canal.

Validation and further development of the solution

2011 - 2013

A world first with EDF:  the first river current turbine to be connected to the local grid of an isolated village in Guiana, located in a difficult Amazonian environment.

Multiple awards and labels:

  • Entreprise Innovante des Pôles (EIP).
  • First prize for innovation in DERBI renewable energies competitiveness cluster, Ernst&Young.
  • Special “Sustainable development” award for Young Entrepreneurs organized by Crédit Mutuel, la MACIF, Emertec Gestion, la Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes and INPG Entreprise.
  • Winner of “Prix des Espoirs de l’Economie” awarded by Grenoble chamber of commerce and industry.


Acquired stake in capital of CMN Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie, naval shipyard in Cherbourg, to build marine current turbines for the OceanQuest project.

Installation of a river current turbine on the Loire river in Orléans, a sizable challenge in light of the installation in an urban environment and the Natura 2000 site, protected site for its flora and fauna.


A very active year:

  • HydroQuest River: First river current turbine connected to French national grid in Orléans.
  • Grand prize for Energy Transition awarded by Usine Nouvelle magazine, presented by Commissioner for Investment Louis Schweitzer.
  • Launch of river current turbine range: HydroQuest River 1.40 and HydroQuest River 2.80


More awards: Call for projects – Marine renewable energies and pilot river current turbine farms

  • Won ADEME call for projects for a 1 MW marine demonstrator with the OceanQuest project, together with CMN and the University of Caen.
  • Winner of ADEME call for projects for a river current turbine farm, in partnership with CNR and CMN.

Who we are

HydroQuest is a leading turbine technology provider & independent producer of renewable energy. We use the natural, constant & predictable water flows from canals, rivers & oceans to deliver the cleanest electricity to the world.

A strong & deep team

HydroQuest collectively owns a comprehensive scientific & technical expertise in hydraulic, electrical & mechanical engineering, with the ability to fully handle power production projects.

Key partners

Energy producers:




Research labs:




Design offices:




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