Marine turbines OceanQuest

Tidal power – an opportunity for the world

Oceans provide consistent, fast-moving currents that can now be used to produce power. Considering that sun downs at night and that wind does not always blow, marine energy offers a reliable complementary energy source that allows grid operators to count on a stable “base” energy.

Marine hydrokinetic energy has an acknowledged worldwide potential of 100 GW, including 3 to 6 GW for France. Tidal current speeds can reach or exceed 5 m/s in shallow waters near coastlines, making marine power farms easy to connect to the grid and cheaper to operate. 

OceanQuest, a unique tidal turbine

OceanQuest was designed around HydroQuest’s proprietary turbine technology and inherits from over a decade of expertise gained in various deployments. OceanQuest proves reliable operations with the capability to harvest energy – together with tides – of heavy swell, even conditions where flow streams remain turbulent & with fluctuating directions.

The industrial partnership between HydroQuest and CMN:

  • HydroQuest and Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie CMN, naval builder, have joined forces to deploy OceanQuest, winning the ADEME competition “Energies Renouvelables en Mer” (Marine renewable energies), providing HydroQuest with a strong production capability & expertise on the strategic site of Cherbourg – Raz Blanchard.
High yield: due to a set of crossflow turbines rotating about dual vertical axes.
Configuration with one or two levels
Dimensions and weight of units adapted to service boats
Robust system: All-metal construction for better resistance to impacts
Fixed-position bi-directional system: good yield without pitch or yaw
High sensitivity to current orientation
Recyclable materials
Alternators positioned outside current stream to avoid impairing the yield

Illustration of modular concept on same site

Each hydrokinetic turbine unit can feature one or two levels, measuring up to 20 m in height.