An international vision

HydroQuest is an innovator in hydro power turbines. We propose solutions to electricity producers all around the world:

  • Quick, inexpensive solutions to equip water courses and deliver electrical power to sites with poor connections to power grids.
  • Make use of tidal currents.
  • Meet renewable energy production targets and optimize the energy mix.

Because we master river and marine current technology, at HydroQuest our ambition is to be a world leader in the construction of hydrokinetic turbines.

Our strong points:

  • long-standing capacity to innovate and improve leading HydroQuest to explore the motive force of tides, rivers, seas, estuaries and canals to deliver renewable energy all around the world.
  • The industrial might of CMN (Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie) in Cherbourg

“Because the energy transition is a global issue and 1.4 billion people still have no access to electrical power, HydroQuest hydro power technology is a valuable future solution to produce 100 % renewable energy. “

A word from the CEO

Since starting out in 2010, convinced of the need for a diversified energy mix with a growing portion of renewable energy, we have worked hard on developing innovative hydrokinetic solutions.

Today the natural resources of river currents and tidal currents are totally underused. Their potential output is 120 GW for users around the world.

So we need reliable and economical solutions. To achieve the economic performance required to ensure the successful integration into our customers’ energy mix, we have some unique benefits: modular units than can be used in various depths, immobile units when tides change, vanes rotating at low speed to avoid damage to fauna, lower environmental impact than other types of renewable energy, optimized maintenance.

Our development is complete for the river current hydro power market and our range of products is now on the market.

HydroQuest projects and their industrial development are supported by the strategic partnership and exemplary cooperation we enjoy with the CMN group.

The world of renewable energy is our market.

If like us you are interested, please meet us there!

Jean-François SIMON