Key phases in the implementation of your river turbines farm:

Technical and economical feasibility studies on potential sites

In partnership with the most suitable design offices according to the site, geo-technical experts, hydraulic engineers and/or environmental specialists:

  • Analysis of energy potential by region, with determination of the most appropriate locations for installation.
  • Focus on sites and analysis of production potential taking into account historical current flow speeds.
  • Installation study to optimize production and impact studies.

Manufacture and assembly

  • Construction of the turbine units, hydrodynamic fairings and anti-debris protective screen.
  • Installation of alternators and transformers.
  • Manufacture of floating barges.
  • Quality controls at all stages of production.

Shipment of equipment

  • Containerization of pre-assembled sub-assemblies, turbines and barges for cost-efficient transport and faster assembly on installation site.
  • Shipment even to most remote locations.

Installation and commissioning

In parallel to manufacture of hydro turbines:

  • Installation of anchors on river bed
  • Electric cabling

On arrival of containers on site:

  • Assembly of turbines and barges
  • Attachment to anchors
  • Electrical connection to national or local power grid
  • Testing and commissioning of river current turbines.

Training in operation and maintenance

Training and skills transfer to local teams to facilitate in-house maintenance by energy producers:

  • Supplementary: guide to operation and maintenance covering applicable procedures for each equipment and recommended maintenance intervals

Easy day-to-day maintenance:

  • Management of maneuver phases by hydraulic jack
  • Management of unit start-up and shut-down phases directly through control system
  • Remote production monitoring and operational monitoring
  • Safety in case of flooding ensured by barge
  • Provision of replacement parts

Specialized maintenance

Every 10 years

  • Lifetime of wear parts: 10 years or 25 years
  • HydroQuest intervention on site at request.