Unique technology for river current turbines for use right now

HydroQuest builds and sells its HydroQuest River range, the best-performing river current turbines on the market:

  • Predictable, regular and economical energy
  • High energy yield
  • Fast to install, just a few months, no civil engineering needed
  • Barge system moored to river bed with very low impact on river bed ecosystem
  • No visual or audible pollution as the hydrokinetic turbines are submerged
  • Non-polluting energy production in line with an energy transition initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Hydrokinetic turbines should be installed in farms to optimize production, enabling

  • several MW of power output by installing tens of units.
  • The modular design of HydroQuest hydro power turbines optimizes the power output on the installation site.
  • The possibility of juxtaposing turbines in a farm allows us to make the best use of the morphology of the water course.
  • The number of units, the choice of mooring technique and the turbine layout offer a wealth of configuration options for farms.
  • The predictability and regularity of production facilitate connection to local or regional power grids.

HydroQuest delivers global and personal support:

  • Feasibility studies on site
  • Manufacture and assembly
  • Shipping
  • Installation on site
  • Electrical connection
  • Commissioning
  • Training in operation
  • Maintenance
Protective screen system on the hydrodynamic fairing support structure.
Floating barge moored to river bed (or fixed support structure) to which the turbine units are attached.
Micro-pile anchoring system in the river bed.
AC/DC/AC transformer compliant with local network standards.
Electrical cables linking the turbine output to the grid.
Benefit of protective screen: large-size debris is deviated, small-size debris passes through turbine easily.
Benefit of transformer: Automatically adapts turbine rotation speed for continuous operation.
Barge: economic and fast to install
Barge enables hydrokinetic turbine to keep operating whatever the current flow rate.
Raised position: easy maintenance and operation with hydraulic jack to raise the turbine out of the water for dry work.
On barge: work platform for safe access to sides of turbine units.

HydroQuest River current turbine range: modular solutions for large and small rivers

HydroQuest River: Two models suited to water depth on sites.

  • Common turbine structure: one turbine,several alternators with permanent magnets, mooring and a service barge.
  • The number of modules, the choice of mooring technique and the turbine layout offer extensive configuration possibilities for hydro power farms.
  • Farms production from 120 kW to 5 MW

HydroQuest River 1.40

  • River current turbine with one level containing two turbines.
  • Minimum water head: 2.2 m
  • Nominal power output: 40 kW with current flow speed of 3.1 m/s


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HydroQuest River 2.80

  • River current turbine with two levels containing two turbines each.
  • Minimum water head:  4.2 m
  • Nominal power output: 80 kW with current flow speed of 3.1 m/s

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