Unique technology

HydroQuest technology:

  • Our technology stands apart from others on the market as it is based on a structure of several crossflow turbines rotating around vertical axes.
  • The units can feature several levels, depending on the depth of water at the installation site.
  • Developed with four renowned French laboratories
  • 10 years of R&D and 9 patents co-owned with EDF

Efficient hydrokinetic turbines

  • No civil engineering needed: fixed to the beds of rivers, estuaries, sea floors or on floating barges.
  • Easy to maintain
Multiple crossflow turbines on vertical axes: solid steel for excellent impact resistance
Dual counter-rotating columns
Units with one or two levels to adapt to water depths and make rational use of sources
Hydrodynamic fairings
Two permanent magnet direct-drive alternators on the top of each column.
Base unit: tower, vertical structure containing stack of turbines held together by same rotating axis.