HydroQuest River – benefits

 HydroQuest’s hydrokinetic turbines are reliable, modular, compact, quick to install and offer multiple benefits:

  • Hydroelectric production requires no water cascades.
  • Predictable, regular and economical energy: continuous electricity production.
  • High energy yield: load factor above 40 %
  • Rapid implementation and installation: typical project timing is 6 months and does not need major structural work.
  • Simple operation and maintenance: rapid return to surface for dry work.
  • Modular design allows for site customization: adaptable to water depth and currents.
  • Very low impact on the environment: no impact on flora and fauna, neither visual or audible impacts
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Life Time

Over 25 years

Fast implementation and installation

Average 6 months to commissioning

40 or 80 kW

power rating per hydrokinetic turbine with flow speed of 3.1 m/s

120 KW to 5 MW

Installed power in farms


65 % to 95 % or 2-4 times higher than solar (21 %) and wind (40 %)


€50 to €200 per MWh depending on the site and farm size